LAC 2020

hier soll alles rein, was zum thema linux und musikmachen gehört, aber nicht mit speziellen programmen, speziellen distributionen oder spezieller hardware zusammenhängt...
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LAC 2020

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Die LAC 2020 wird später statt finden...

Nichts bewegt Sie geistig wie ein Gnu.
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Re: LAC 2020

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Hello everybody,

On behalf of the LAC 2020 organization team we'd like to welcome you all to
LAC 2020 which due to the current confining situation in France will take
place via teleconferencing on Nov 25-27.

A Big Blue Button (BBB) instance, the teleconferencing software that we use,
has been set up for conducting the conference. We will follow up by
publishing the official link both by mail and on the conference website
<> when the conference starts.
Additionally, in case you cannot attend, note that all talks will be

The programme is beinng finalized and is available here:

If you plan to attend, please take the time and register here:

As usual, the conference can be attended free of charge.

We apologies for the delays in announcements
See you at LAC 2020!
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